Clarification Statement: Any Promotion or Business Matters Related to “Xpays” Are in No Way Related to X Pay
X Pay (the “Company” or “We”) has recently become aware that there is a company called “Xpays” (the “Institution”) with a similar name to our own brand name. X Pay has always operated in a lawful and compliant manner. In order to prevent any public confusion or doubts about our services, X Pay hereby declares that any promotion or business matters related to the “Xpays” institution are in no way related to or never carried out by X Pay.

About Us

The X Pay “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment function in the X Wallet App will make us becoming a comprehensive financial service platform and provide users with a more diversified service.

X is often viewed as an unknown entity, but at X Pay, X Wallet, we see it differently. We embrace the unknown and unlock new possibilities in payment solutions, shopping experiences, money management, and more. With our Buy Now, Pay Later service and innovative payment solutions, we provide the tools you need to take control of your finances and make the most of every opportunity. This enables you to pursue the lifestyle you aspire to, without being held back by financial constraints.

Our company’s mission is to “Empower Your Dreams” – we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals, financial constraints should not be a hindrance. We believe that everyone should have the chance to realize their dreams. We provide flexible solutions that empower you to achieve the goal and surpass yourself.

Our brand logo consists of an arrow symbolizing our company’s goal to think forward, achieve new heights, and keep up with innovations. Our ultimate goal is to empower and guide you towards achieving financial freedom. The brand color is called Purple Blast and that represents fintech, the future and imagination. The subdominant colour is called Lightsaber Green, which conveys a vibrant and innovative brand image.

We are dedicated to continually offering you diverse financial experiences, join us on the journey to discover the unknown and get your way freely to financial freedom with X Pay and X Wallet. 

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