Clarification Statement: Any Promotion or Business Matters Related to “Xpays” Are in No Way Related to X Pay
X Pay (the “Company” or “We”) has recently become aware that there is a company called “Xpays” (the “Institution”) with a similar name to our own brand name. X Pay has always operated in a lawful and compliant manner. In order to prevent any public confusion or doubts about our services, X Pay hereby declares that any promotion or business matters related to the “Xpays” institution are in no way related to or never carried out by X Pay.


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We are committed to explore the broader aspects of life, offering the blog topics on wellness & lifestyle, travel tips, business tips and more. We believe that a balanced lifestyle contributes to financial well-being.

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【必看】X Pay x Boutir 平台推廣計劃:支持本地中小企!

X Pay和 Boutir 攜手合作,推出《X Pay x Boutir平台推廣計劃》,支持本地中小企業的發展!


近年來,「先買後付」(BNPL,Buy Now Pay Later) 的「免息分期付款」模式日漸興起,在年輕一代的消費者群中並不陌生,在 X Wallet App 內支援的「 X Pay 先享後付」亦提供持牌的「免息分 3 期」付款選擇,可讓消費者在付款當刻,將購物賬單拆分三期付款。

X Pay 對支付安全的承諾

「X Pay 先買後付」致力於為香港市場的用戶和商家提供安全可靠的「先買後付」付款方式,保障支付安全性的我們最重要的事。


隨著科技的不斷發展,美容業界也日新月異,其中M22彩衝光技術的出現被譽為革命性的突破。 M22脈衝光,又稱彩衝光,是一種新型皮膚護理技術,利用強效脈衝光雷射治療多種肌膚問題。它的原理是使用不同波段的濾光鏡,讓特定波長的光能被皮膚吸收,轉化成熱能,從而改善皮膚問題,包括可以改善膚色不均勻、暗瘡印、色斑、皺紋、泛紅、黑眼圈、除毛和紋身等,提供了多重美容功效。


如果您要購買價值 4000 元的數碼相機時,您會願意立即支付全部 4000元,還是在未來四個月內每月支付 1000 元?


先買後付 Buy Now Pay Later : 三大吸引年輕消費者之處

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