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Zero Finance offers HKMALL Merchants a SMEs Business Loans with comprehensive loan support, empowering you to address unforeseen capital needs and drive business expansion. 

  • Up to HKD 2.4 million loan amount
  • Repayment period of up to 120 months
  • Installment-based principal and interest repayment

Unlocking Business Growth   
With flexible capital solutions, we will meet your needs


Loan Amount Up To HK$2.4 million


Up to 120 months repayment period

Installment principal and interest repayment

Flexible repayment management to alleviate financial pressure

Obtain funds easily in 3 simple steps

SME Business Loan Application Steps

Case Study Sharing​

Miss Wu operates a clothing store that has been running steadily for many years. However, due to intense market competition and an economic downturn, her business has started facing challenges. She needs funding to strengthen her marketing strategies, expand her customer base, upgrade the store to enhance the customer experience, and attract more customers to increase sales.

Fortunately, she became aware of Zero Finance SME Business Loans, which provide flexible loan solutions. SME Business Loans offer loan amounts of up to HK$2.4 million, with a fast processing speed. Miss Wu promptly submitted her application and received approval within a short period.

Not only that, SME Business Loans also offer flexible repayment terms, with a maximum repayment period of up to 120 months. This allows Miss Wu to adapt her repayments according to her financial situation and business development, reducing the burden and increasing the flexibility of capital turnover. Now, Miss Wu can confidently invest in store improvements and concentrate on driving business growth.

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