Clarification Statement: Any Promotion or Business Matters Related to “Xpays” Are in No Way Related to X Pay
X Pay (the “Company” or “We”) has recently become aware that there is a company called “Xpays” (the “Institution”) with a similar name to our own brand name. X Pay has always operated in a lawful and compliant manner. In order to prevent any public confusion or doubts about our services, X Pay hereby declares that any promotion or business matters related to the “Xpays” institution are in no way related to or never carried out by X Pay.

X Pay Thankful WeekGiveaway up to HK$40,000 in Coupons

Celebrate X Pay's 1st Anniversary with Us🎉 It's the "X Pay Thankful Week" - your chance to grab HUGE savings✨

From June 15 to 30, exclusive vouchers up to HK$40,000 will be up for grabs DAILY at 12PM on the X Wallet App💰But the rewards don't stop there 🙌🏻 The daily top spender using X Pay will also score an extra HK$100 cash voucher - redeemable at any X Pay merchant✨

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Schedule for Grabbing Coupons

Claiming Tips|Grabs DAILY at 12PM

Double Coupon Secrets Revealed
Top Daily Spender Earns an Extra HK$100 X Pay Cash Voucher

More Savings in Store – Claim Coupons, Earn Bonuses! 💰

Scoring those incredible X Pay coupons worth up to HK$40,000 is just the start. As the cherry on top, the top daily spender on X Pay will also receive an EXTRA HK$100 cash voucher! 

The HK$100 voucher will be credited to your account within the next business day before 5PM. You can find it ready to use in the ‘Profile > Vouchers > Use’ section of the X Wallet app.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to maximize your savings during the X Pay Thankful Week! Claim those coupons, splurge smartly, and earn that bonus voucher🤩

X Pay Thankful Week Terms & Condition:

  1. The promotional period for this campaign shall run from June 15, 2024 to June 30, 2024 (the "Promotional Period"). During the Promotional Period, X Pay users can access the X Wallet app, navigate to X Pay, and click the "Vouchers" section, then click "Grab Now" to claim available vouchers. Vouchers will be released for claiming at 12:00 pm daily. All vouchers are limited in quantity and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Each merchant will have a maximum of one voucher available for claiming.

  2. Any unclaimed vouchers at the end of each day will be automatically rolled over to the following day.

  3. Daily Highest Spender Bonus: The X Pay user with the highest daily transaction amount during the Promotional Period will receive one (1) HK$100 X Pay cash voucher. The HK$100 cash voucher will be credited to the user's account by 5:00 pm on the next business day. The cash voucher can be used at any X Pay partner merchant, with a minimum transaction amount of HK$200. Users can view their available cash vouchers in the X Wallet app, navigate to X Pay, in the "Vouchers" section under "Use".

  4. During the promotion period, X Pay users can scan the payment QR Code of eligible merchants through the X Wallet App mobile application to enter the transaction amount for payment.

  5. Each promo code can only be used within a limited redemption period of 30 days and will be invalid if expired, without the possibility of re-issuance.

  6. Users must download the latest version of the X Wallet App mobile application to use the voucher/promo code.

  7. Any voucher/promo code must be applied at the time of payment, and all information required by the X Pay platform must be provided.

  8. Retrospective use of vouchers/promo codes is not allowed.

  9. Vouchers/promo codes cannot be refunded, exchanged, or cashed.

  10. If the order amount is less than the value of the voucher/promo code, no refund or remaining points will be returned.

  11. Specific terms and conditions may be set for certain vouchers/promo codes (e.g., validity period, discount amount, and products covered), and these terms will also govern the use and redemption of these vouchers/promo codes.

  12. According to our sales strategy, the X Pay platform may exclude individual brands from the vouchers/promo codes.

  13. The X Pay platform reserves the right to cancel or modify orders or cancel the use of vouchers/promo codes if they are used under the following circumstances:
    - Suspicious or fraudulent use
    - Voucher/promo code abuse, including using multiple accounts or voucher/promo code redemption related to the same customer or group of customers; and/or
    - Malicious use of vouchers/promo codes

  14. Reselling, transferring, and sharing of vouchers/promo codes are strictly prohibited.

  15. The X Wallet platform is not responsible for any loss, theft, or ineligibility of vouchers/promo codes.

  16. X Wallet reserves the right to change these terms or cancel any promotional events at any time without prior notice.

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